About Us

South Central Mutual was formed by the merger of three companies. Barbers Farmers Mutual of Easton, Minnesota, Blue Earth Mutual of Blue Earth, Minnesota and Foster Farmers Mutual of Wells, Minnesota. This took place on January 1,1985.

BuildingThat original Board of Directors consisted of the following individuals:
Jerome Hansen
JoAnne Ascheman
Bill Stevermer
Archie Ihle
Wesley Nelson
Wayne Johnston
Gayle Fjone
Ronald Jacobson
Forrest Passer

Original Officiers
President-Wesley Nelson
Vice-President-Bill Stevermer
Secretary- JoAnne Ascheman

A new office was erected in 1985 at our current address of 1120 Giant Drive Blue Earth, Minnesota. We would welcome anyone who would like to stop by and learn more about our company.